Sea Salt Crispy French Crackers, Tresors Gourmands (3.3oz)

French Crispy Sea Salt Waffle Crackers

Sea Salt Crispy French Crackers, Tresors Gourmands (3.3oz)

  • The perfect companion to your soft cheeses and your most spreadable spreads, these little waffle-style crackers from Tresors Gourmands are our new favorites! They’re made in Erquinghem-Lys, in the very center of what’s called French Flanders, a region rich in history and tradition -- and famous for this style of waffle crackers. Fine and crisp, these are light yet strong enough to pair with your cheeses, smoked salmon, charcuterie and pates.

    The simplicity of great ingredients shines in this cracker – just French fleur de sel sea salt and not much else flavors this delicate cracker, making it ideal with just about anything you decide to top it with, without any competing flavors. 

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